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Friday, 20 March 2015

Raising funds for "Bears of Hope"

The thought of leaving hospital without your baby is extremely traumatic. There is no need for a car seat and no need for a baby bag. When we were in hospital the staff were lovely. They gave us clothes to dress Ava in and also some for us to keep. This included a sweet polka dot dress, nappy, beanie and booties. They gave us a baby blanket, baby I.D. Tags and more.

Before we left Ava, she was dressed and wrapped in an "angel gown". The organisation Angel Gowns collect and make gowns for babies to wear who were too sick to come home.

We were given a bag that included support materials from Pregnancy Loss Australia

In this bag there were also materials from the organisation Bears of Hope.
This organisation send packs to maternity hospitals that include supporting materials and a 'bear of hope'. The idea behind it is that parents are forced to walk out of the hospital with empty arms, but when a bear of hope is given they walk out carrying a bear, which is a tiny comfort in the worst of circumstances. 

We have had many friends ask what they can do and if there is a cause that we would like donated to on behalf of our family and in memory of Ava Grace. We have chosen Bears of hope and have set up a fundraising page so that other parents can receive a bear and support like we did. 

If you would like to donate then please follow the link

Once the fundraiser has finished Bears will be donated to grieving parents and Ava's name and birthdate will be put on their bear, just like ours had the name of a precious little boy who passed away in 2007. I feel it is a lovely legacy that our babies can leave. 

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