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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dedication to Hannah's "Cousin of Heaven"

My brother in law Troy wrote this on facebook. I know not everyone believes the same that we do, but to us it is very important and he has written exactly what we believe. We know that we will see Ava again in heaven completely healed. Our hope is in Jesus Christ and the promises he has for us. God sent his son to die for our sins so that we can have eternal life with him in heaven. 

Written by Troy Davis
Dedicated to Hannah's 'cousin of Heaven' ... 
These past couple of days the 'ninja that cuts onions around me' (tears from crying if you didn't decipher the meaning) has been making regular appointments with me. 
Ava Grace went to be with Jesus on Monday. 
I write this because of my daughters response and how this sad event has only strengthened my love for Jesus and my trust that I have in His Name. 
You might ask why? Shouldn't it be the opposite? Why didn't God fix and mend Ava in the womb? Surely God could have? 
And to be honest I have asked Him why, because I am human. 
But in all this, I have ONE thing that some might say I am crazy, or some might say I am fooled, or brainwashed, or that I believe in magical sky gods ... The one thing I have is HOPE. 
No matter the pain, no matter the sadness, I have the absolute hope, and that Hope has now been turned into certainty that I will one day meet Hannah's cousin of heaven. 
I call her the cousin of heaven, because whilst in emotional sadness, Hannah smiles and says 'yay now I have my first cousin of heaven' 
Beautiful words from my six year old, words only Hope can bring. 
Some to be thoughtful will say RIP (rest in peace) ... but not in my family. 
Ava Grace is not resting in soil, rather she is ALIVE in Heaven. 
If for some reason you read this and think in wrong, I ask you to consider the two options I have:
1. I am filled with Hope and eager expectation of my eternal home where I will be reunited with those that love Jesus as their lord and saviour. 
2. Have no hope whatsoever and just be ok with that Ava is dead ... In peace ... In the soil. 
I will take option 1 thanks. 
To my family and friends that grieve, I grieve also ... but I am filled with Glorious Hope that far outweighs my grief.
Ava Grace I will see you in heaven.

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