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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Poem my friend wrote for Ava

Ava Grace, the little bird that fell early from the nest took flight to Heaven at God's request, blessed by him to eternal rest. 

Briefly they met in the worst of circumstances, lost was the fight of living. A mother's heartache, a father's nightmare and the dreams shattered of a sister, who would be so giving. Those precious moments spent together, were infinitely special however. Frozen in time. Never to be taken away. 

Too beautiful for this world, is this stunning and brave little girl. Rather than be a babe she leads from afar, the brightest, warmest, guiding star. Forever watching over those who love her and those who prayed for her mother and father, so bright she shines in the glory of Heaven patiently waiting till her family comes together. 

Written by Danica 

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