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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My daughter E and her wish list

Our daughter is 5 years old, and Ava's death has hit her hard. She came to me this morning and said she wished Ava had come home so she could of slept with her in her bed. She said she had lots of things she wanted todo with Ava that she can't.

E wanted to:
Sleep with her in her new trundle bed
Take her to the park
Push her around in her dolls pram
Put her to bed in her dolls cot
See her walk
Play at Wet n Wild
Go to another country with her like Queensland or Africa

And lots more. 

She is also singing about Ava Grace as I write this:

Ava Grace I miss you, Ava Grace I just want to play with my sister, this is how i feel now, I'm sad and even mummy and daddy are sad and Oliver doesn't understand. I wish I was Jesus I want to see her. I have a wonderful hope in my heart. I'm singing about my sister, I love her, I'm sad. Ava Grace is my favourite sister and that is a beautiful name. Ava Grace Ava Grace Ava Grace. This is breaking my heart. I'm feeling sad, my mummy's feeling sad cause the baby's gone to heaven.

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