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Friday, 27 March 2015

Feeling so angry

I've been mostly feeling sad, a bit of anger, but mostly sad - but this afternoon I am incredibly angry. 

The crematorium have stuffed up - again! We went to pick up her ashes in the urn we had chosen last week, I was already mad at them earlier in the day as they couldn't find the record of us being there last week so we're already late in getting her ashes to us. When we arrived, we were told all her ashes didn't fir in the urn so they had put the "left overs" in a plastic box. We were told we could scatter the left overs somewhere or leave the other half at the crematorium in a memorial box. I just sat there stunned - my daughters ashes have been halved without my knowledge. I will not have half of my baby at home and half somewhere else. The woman who saw us had found and showed us a picture of another urn double the size of the other one but a different colour etc. in the end we agreed to return once they ordered us one and then I will have to take the urn and the left overs box back in (probably will have to leave her there overnight we were told)  and then they will put the ashes back together in the bigger urn. 

The thing that gets me is that Ava would have to be one of the smallest babies to be cremated, so why on earth do they make such tiny urns in then first place and why on earth would they sell us an urn that wouldn't fit her ashes, it wasn't like it was only a tiny bit, it was a lot of ashes in the other box. 

The incompetence of the place is really ridiculous, there are just hurting us even more. It's so unprofessional and such a disgrace to the industry. We have paid $1000 just to have the honour of having her cremated and put in an urn, I can't imagine how much they would have stuffed up her funeral if we had chosen to have one - for which we would have paid thousands more. They are a well known, big company - they need to change, as it is just not right. 

I can see another complaint to them coming, but this time to someone high up in the company. I still see myself as an advocate for my daughter, so will do what I need to do so this doesn't happen to someone else. 

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