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Monday, 13 April 2015

Ava's cardigans knitted by Grandma J

These 3 newborn cardigans were knitted by my mother in law. She has always knitted beautiful things - cardigans, jumpers  and beanies for my children and they have all worn them home from hospital. I have a special little suitcase for E & O where I keep the first outfits they wore home, including their cardigan and beanie knitted by their Grandma. She somehow knows just how big they will be when they are born as they always fit perfectly! 
Ava's are of course too big for the size she was when born but it's nice holding them and imagining a full term baby wearing them. I think I would have chosen the Lilac colour one for her going home outfit. My mother in law is amazing and I am so glad she is in my life, she told me each stitch she did was sending love and was knitted with a prayer. When she gave them to me she said she was happy if I kept them all or have them away to my sister in law who has recently had a baby girl or to someone else. I thought about giving them away, but I just can't, it would be nice to see them worn by another little girl, but they are Ava's. Maybe one day if we ever have another baby and she is a girl and we get to bring her home, she might wear one of Ava's cardigans, and that will be nice. 

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