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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A 4cm Angel Baby Nappy

Hooray! I finally made a nappy that I would be happy to give away tonight! It is 4cm which is just a bit smaller than the nappies we were given for Ava. I really like the material I chose - very fitting for a little princess. Now to make another one that is exactly the same size. 
When donating them I want to give them in packs of 2 - one to dress their baby in and one to keep forever to remember them. That's what I loved most when we were given Ava's nappies in the hospital. 

At the time of giving birth to a baby that has died it is very difficult to think straight and think about what will be important in the future - so to be given a pack of 2 identical tiny nappies and told by the midwife that one was for Ava to wear and one to keep was so special. Of course tiny babies don't need to wear a nappy but for the parents they most certainly do. It shows that they were here and it is important to show them dignity and respect for the life that they were! 

Some of my favourite photos of our Ava Grace are her naked just wearing her tiny nappy and her beanie. Her little body was so perfect and she looked at peace. 


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