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Monday, 20 April 2015

A beautiful doll and my first day back at work

This March ballerina doll is beautiful and such a perfect gift for a little girl! My friend Nicole gave it to me today when I went back to work. It will sit with all of Ava's special things that are displayed. 

It was a hard day and I'm glad it's over as all the "firsts" are hard for me. Lots of support and hugs with my friends and I even got to share some of my pictures of Ava with a few too. I love telling Ava's story and just how perfect she was at such an early gestation. My friends were surprised that even such a tiny baby could have everything perfectly formed, right down to her fingernails. 

One thing that has surprised me about grief is how exhausting it is. I really enjoyed the professional development today as it was on a topic I am really interested in but I am so tired. I think maybe it is because my head is so full of other thoughts and memories that I am trying to process at the moment which makes it hard to concentrate and tires me easily. Regardless it was good to be back in such a familiar place doing what I do best! 


  1. That doll is gorgeous <3 I have a similar little set up in memory of my God Daughter who passed away in 2012 at only 17.5 months old. Memories are such precious things to have x

  2. Thanks, all her stuff is so precious to me. I love looking at and touching her things daily xx


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