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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Packaged and ready to go!

I spent most of today packaging up the blanket packs. I currently have 47 blanket packs and 9 tiny baby crochet blanket packs. I have personally made 42 of them. 5 were made by Rachel Jones and the crochet blankets were made by Sara Fifer and her mother. 

47 families will now be able to wrap their precious baby up and have a small keepsake blanket to take home with them to remember what their baby was last wrapped in. 

The smallest blanket is a tiny 16x16cm and my largest is 60x60cm. These babies will have something that belongs just to them. Holding and folding these tiny baby blankets was very emotional for me, memories taking me back exactly 2 months ago to the 16th March when Ava was wrapped in her Grandma and Grandads knitted and sewn blankets and laying on 2 others donated to the hospital by volunteers. 

Below is a photo of my personal favourite for a little girl. 

My gorgeous husband made new cards and stickers, this time including a black circle where I was able to write the size in so that the midwives would quickly be able to pick the right size for each baby. 

They are packed in plastic and secured with a sticker that has links to this blog and a picture of Ava's footprints. A card is included inside with the same details. It would be nice in the months and years to come to be able to connect with families who receive them through my blog and Facebook page. 

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