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Sunday, 3 May 2015

International Bereaved Mothers Day

Today is international bereaved Mother's Day all around the world. Today mothers are waking up to a day they never wanted to be a part of, that some may have heard of before but have never been a part of the club before and now somehow are since their babies and children have died. It is also for women who are still yet to hold their longed for baby through their battle with infertility so have felt loss through that. 

I am not looking forward to Mothers Day this year, I know people will say I should be thankful and think of the 2 living children I have but they haven't walked in my shoes so easy for them to say if they haven't had their heart torn into pieces and now have a permanent hole in it that will never completely heal. Mother's Day will take on a completely different meaning for me now. 

Standing with my friends who are remembering their babies today too. 
Missing my Ava Grace and her 10 tiny fingers and toes and remembering my other tiny Angel. 

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