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Friday, 22 May 2015

1st hospital donation of blankets

On Wednesday I my son Oliver and I visited the same ward that I delivered Ava at two months ago. I could feel my heart racing the whole way there. I recognised a few faces of midwives who had been there when I had Ava too. 

We have the NUM of the ward the box of blankets. She was really thankful for them and said that any blankets that they didn't need because of size would be passed on to the birthing suites for older stillborn babies and also the NICU. 

She asked if she could take a photo of myself and the blankets to put in the hospital newsletter, so we did this and then I asked to see the hospital photographs of Ava. They were very clinical but I am glad I saw them, particulary because they had a photo of Ava's back and I had only mentioned to my husband recently that I wished I had looked at every inch of her body in more detail and taken more photos. 

The photos really showed the extent of Ava's cystic hygroma and how large an area of her tiny body it's actually covered.

Cystic hygromas happen in different places of the body and to different severities. It makes me devastated to realise just how bad hers was. Such a horrific condition that no baby should ever have.  

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