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Thursday, 14 May 2015

40 + 2 blanket packs completed

I have completed 40 blanket packs since I started sewing. I have already given away two packs sadly to people I know. 

A bit proud of myself for someone who only started sewing weeks ago and had no idea how to begin with! My secret is actually husband - I have no idea how to set the machine up so he does this for me to start and if anything goes wrong - he fixes it! 

I have made all of the blankets in a variety of sizes, some are for either gender and others are more specific to a little boy or little girl. Some would be suitable for a baby from about 13 weeks right up until a full term stillbirth. 

The blankets are in packs of two. One normal size blanket for the baby to be wrapped in and a smaller one for the parents to keep as a reminder of the one their baby was wrapped in. 

Now I have to work up the courage to organise a day I can go into the hospital I delivered Ava in and take them to the ward where she was born as a second trimester loss. I couldn't even tell you what the ward looks like it even who half the midwives were who cared for us there as I was in shock and couldn't see through the tears. I had my head down coming in and leaving as I couldn't bear to see other pregnant women with their bellies or holding their babies. 

If you are a sewer, knitter or do crochet and would like to contribute by either donating fabric or wool or can make Angel baby blankets/nappies/clothes etc please contact me - I would love to have your help! Please feel free to share my blog and the Facebook page so that other who may be interested can help too. 

Sadly miscarriage and stillbirth is all too common. I asked a midwife how often people were giving birth to their babies that had died on the ward I was on and was told every few days in that hospital. 

Thanks for your support! 

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