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Monday, 31 August 2015

Tiny baby hat and blanket donation to brighten my day

I was really struggling today at work. I was on the verge of tears for most of the day and I had already started my day in tears. On a break I discovered that someone had put some precious knitted hats and crochet blankets in my pigeon hole. No note of who they were made by, but I had my suspicions and went looking and found the beautiful lady who made these for me to donate in Ava's name. 

She wanted to be anonymous, but I wanted to thank her as I am so grateful to her for the time she has spent on these. It was nice to share how big Ava's head circumference was as most people just can't picture a baby so tiny, yet so perfectly formed. The second smallest hat in the picture would of fitted my Ava's tiny head. 

A grieving family is going to be able to put a hat on their baby and wrap them in a blanket and know that someone cares enough about them and their baby to give them a gift. I know it will mean the world to them. 

Thankyou so much to all the people who have volunteered and also supported Ava Grace - No footprint too small through donations of fabric, wool, materials, money and gift cards. 

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