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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Daffodil's blooming

Within a few days of Ava passing away some of my best friends in my mothers group came and brought me a box full of dinners in take away containers for my family - which was so lovely because I could barely string a sentence together, let alone think about what to cook for dinner and I definitely was not ready to go out into the world to go shopping! My church was also very supportive with providing meals too. I think all up we didn't need to cook for about 6-8 weeks! 

It was at the same time that my friend gave the kids and us a packet of daffodil bulbs. She said if we planted them they would bloom around the time that Ava was originally due. She was right!

Yesterday as we left home to go to the Bears of Hope Ball Mat noticed that the first daffodil was about to bloom! 

It felt very bittersweet, as Ava's due date approaches. She quite possibly would have already been born in the last few days as my daughter was born at 38+2 and my son at 39.

When we arrived home this morning , the first thing we noticed was the daffodil was in full bloom. 

Was nice to see, and to know our girl is always with us, even though she feels so far away. 

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