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Monday, 5 October 2015

Nepean Hospital donation 30th September 2015

On Wednesday the 30th September I took a large donation to Nepean Hospital of clothes, hats, blankets and other special things. I met with the NUM of the Antenatal Ward and also was able to see and talk to the amazing midwife who was with my during my labour and birth of Ava.  

As soon as I started talking to Sharon (midwife extraordinaire) I burst into tears. How do you say thankyou to the person who held your hand and supported you on the hardest day of your entire life? How do you look at that person without feeling all of the emotions you felt on that day six and a half months ago rushing back? It was so emotional but also very healing talking with her. I love that she remembered so many little details of Ava and my labour. I love that she spoke about Ava as my daughter. If you want to read more about how she assisted in Ava's birth you can read it here:

Both Sharon and Shirley (NUM) asked what things they could improve on and provide women and families in our situation - they honestly did such a great job taking care of us but it was lovely to hear how much they care and want to make what is a heartbreaking and traumatic experience as easy as it can be. You can tell they truly care about the families they work with and the tiny babies they deliver. 

I was able to find out where Ava's dress came from and was told it was the NSW Smocking Guild! 

They were very appreciative of the delivery and were happy to hear of so many volunteers joining myself to make tiny baby things for the hospital. 
We looked at the tiny cardigans, the hundreds of beanies and bonnets, the gorgeous blankets and quilts, the dresses and gowns and even a tiny headband! 

Walking back into the ward where Ava was born and we spent the saddest day of our life was hard. It emotionally wrecks me. However, in some small way it is also comforting being back in the same place where I met Ava for the first time. It's a painful reminder of what happened, but a  memory that I also don't want to forget as that would mean forgetting Ava and I will be forever grateful I got to hold her. 

Thankyou so much to every volunteer who contributed towards this donation. We literally gave hundreds of packages for bereaved families. Thankyou to everyone who has been supporting Ava Grace No Footprint Too Small through donations of money, giftcards, fabric, wool, prayers and by sharing Ava's story.
If you would like to help then follow this link to our volunteer Facebook page

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