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Monday, 8 June 2015

12 weeks ago you entered our world

12 weeks ago you entered our world. 
12 weeks ago I was made a mother of 3 children. 
12 weeks ago I birthed you. 
12 weeks ago we held you. 
12 weeks ago I kissed you. 
12 weeks ago your heart stopped beating. 
12 weeks ago we called you your name. 
12 weeks ago our hope that you would live were crushed. 
12 weeks ago our hearts were shattered. 
12 weeks is too long to be without a piece of my heart. 

Miss you Ava Grace. 
A photo of Ava's perfect hand. This photo was taken by our heartfelt photographer. I like to share my baby with the world. Her hand and fingers were just tiny, perfectly formed right down to her knuckles and fingernails. 


  1. I am in tears looking at this. How beautiful. We did not have the opportunity to meet our little Ava Grace, but my doctor gave me a set of her tiny foot prints. I will cherish them forever.

    1. Sarah - I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious Ava Grace and the fact that you didn't get to meet her. Her footprints must be incredible xx


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