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Friday, 4 September 2015

Ava's due date - 4th September

Ava's due date was set for Friday 4th September 2015. 

It wasn't to be. She was born on Monday 16th March. 

I wish I had something profound to write on this day, but I don't. However Ava's life has had a profound impact on myself, our family and now people all around the world. There have been over 66,000 views of this blog since March which demonstrates the impact she has made. 

Her name has been said, it has been remembered and it has been written. 

Every mother wants a photograph with their newborn baby. Here is mine. I am forever grateful for this picture of me and my girl. 

I love this song, it really encourages me and I can imagine what Ava is doing in Heaven, healthy and happy, not suffering and running around joyfully until I can see and hold her again. "I can only imagine" - Mercy Me.

We sent these balloons to heaven with the kids this afternoon. 

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