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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Ava Grace No Footprint Too Small - Update July 2016

I haven't blogged in quite awhile! However I have been very busy here at Ava Grace No Footprint Too Small Headquarters the past few months. 

The volunteer group that I began more than a year ago has grown considerably. We have lots of new members who are contributing gorgeous items for the precious babies that we do this for. 

I am proud to say we are able to deliver baby items from the tiniest of babies that can be held (approximately 14 weeks) right up to 42 week, full term stillborn babies. We have also delivered items to seriously ill and premature babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. 
I have sent tiny miscarriage packages to families too so that they have something tangible to hold as quite often these families are left with nothing except perhaps an ultrasound picture. 

The hospital's we have donated to: 
Nepean Public Hospital NSW
Nepean Private Hospital NSW
Westmead Public Hospital NSW 
Royal Darwin Hospital NT
Women's and Children's Hospital SA 

We have also sent items to SANDS QLD and directly to families who have requested packages. 

We, as a collective group have donated well over a thousand items, possibly more. As the group has grown I have had to change how I keep track of everything so have made some recent changes to help with the administration side of things. 

We are donating:
Angel pouches
Sleeping bags 

What is the most asked about item when talking to bereaved parents? You may be surprised! It is nappies. So many parents have said they wish their baby had a nappy to wear and what dignity and worth that simple item would bring to their baby. 

We have recently had an influx of donated Weddinf Dresses lately and these are being transformed into te most amazing Angel Gowns and Wraps. These are so special and I don't take for granted the sacrifice of these women giving up their dresses for this cause that is so important. Each dress/gown is very unique and something families will treasure.

Donated in memory of Elijah Clune

Generous people have donated fabric, yarn, ribbon, cards and much more which is put to good use!  

We have volunteers from all around Australia who are busy creating items from patterns, modifying patterns to fit the tiny bubs and even writing their own patterns! 

I am kept busy photographing and packaging each item and then organising donations. 

We have met socially for dinner and afternoon tea and now meet once a month on a the third Sunday of every month, at a fantastic shop called "Sew Can I". The owner of the shop Karen has been so generous offering it to us as both a meeting point and use of her facilities as well as a drop off point for donations. I am very thankful to her. Thankyou to Susanne for doing so much of the organising of these meet ups for the group. I really appreciate it and the drive you use to grow the group! 

I have been contacted by a few families who have received our packages and they have been thankful to have something beautiful to dress and wrap their baby in. I love to hear their baby's name and have seen some amazing photos that show how lovely these items look. 

If you are interested in joining our volunteer group please send me an email at or join our FB volunteer page via this link this FB page is a closed group where volunteers post photos, share patterns, ask questions and also where we advertise social gatherings. We would love you to have a look at what we are doing. 

I also have a public FB page called Ava Grace No Footprint Too Small. I post my blog posts, articles and pictures of volunteer creations on this page. This is the link if you would like to follow

If you would like to contact me I have a new email address

Looking forward to seeing where we are in another years time and seeing how far Ava's legacy reaches. 

14-20 weekers donation 

Sleeping bags/angel pouch 

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